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Apex Kosher Catering is a new and emerging company, certified by COR, with a veteran team to back our mission. Becoming the kosher caterer of choice is a tall order that we accomplished through our company values and beliefs. We believe that price shouldn't compromise the quality of food and we thrive on the challenge of exceeding client expectations no matter how big or small.

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APEX Kosher Catering

Rachel Anne

September 2020

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The food was tasty, and they managed allergies carefully. That's the only good thing about working with Apex. Unfortunately, there was much more that was problematic about working with them. 1. They were completely disorganized. We would get a list of hors d'oeuvres to choose from, and when we would make our selection they would tell us that they actually sent the wrong list and our options were far more limited. This happened twice, and then in the final meeting, the caterer still balked at what we chose - once again we had received the wrong list. He agreed to honour this third list that we received, and then acted like he was doing us a favour, when it was his staff who kept making the same mistake. 2. They sent us a quote, including options for different meal types. When we made our choices, the price was significantly higher. They added to the price because we wanted three options instead of two. However, that had been communicated to them well in advance, but they still chose to hide that cost until our choices were made. Thankfully, I had a wedding planner who managed to get the costs down, but the fact that we had to have this argument in the first place was incredibly problematic. 3. We paid for extra servers with explicit instructions that everyone at the same table must get served at the same time. Still, the mother of the bride had to wait ten minutes after everyone was served and then ask our planner to track down her meal. This is at the head table! We heard of similar things happening at other tables. We explicitly paid a lot of money for this not to happen. 4. They charged us for serving tea and coffee at each table, but then didn't provide the service. After the wedding, they wanted us to pay more for the one extra person who showed up (although there were nearly eight others who did not arrive due to weather issues.) This is standard practice, but with our issues regarding the service (or lack thereof) and the things that were paid for but not provided, we expected that they would agree to call it even. They would not. 5. Communicating with them took ages! We waited weeks on end to get quotes, which were then inaccurate and had to be revised. We would have to wait even longer. Our invitations ended up being delayed because we didn't know what meals we could offer. It was a nightmare getting any kind of accurate information from them. 6. They really wanted to take our money. Every single cent they could extract, they did so. We didn't have the option but to use this caterer because it was required with the venue. If we had had a choice, we would never have gone with them. In fact, they became the venue's caterer after we had already signed the contract with the venue. We probably would have chosen a different venue had we known that we wouldn't have a choice but to use them. We recommend that people avoid Apex Catering as much as possible. They are difficult, disorganized, and money-grubbing. The food was good though. At least there's that.

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