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A Wedding cake is the crown jewel of a wedding reception and a designer cake is guaranteed to be the piece de resistance of your special day.
We at Babylon Wedding Centre offer an infinite variety of beautiful customized wedding cakes, designed to enhance the colour, style and theme of your wedding.

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Babylon Wedding Cakes

Jonathan Robertgot

January 2020

WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNINGWorst photography and video services ever. The owner thinks he is the greatest however he has no personality, manors nor taste. He is the one that does the taping of the videos however his eyesight must be impaired because the quality is blurred, makes no logical sense, while taping the wedding his photographer which is his daughter steps in front of the filming when important scenes are being taped. Missed so many important moments. I scratch my head trying to understand what in the world he was thinking or where his mind was. The editing is a joke. The format presented was in Blu-Ray. Very few people can access Blu-Ray. When I told him that none of our systems can read Blu-Ray and why he did not put it on a media that anyone could read, he responded that everyone has a Playstation and you can see it on that. I told him maybe in your mind everyone has a Playstation but almost a 100% of the people have access to a computer and very few people have a Playstation. I asked if he could put it on a USB key in a format that everyone can access. He responded okay with a fee and it will take a few weeks. I paid and when it was time to pick, make an appointment. His office hours are definitely not convenient, however I showed up like 15 minutes early that day at I recall 9:45 a.m. when the appointment was at 10:00 a.m. and he told me that you are early and the USB is not ready yet. He told me give me your cell number and I will call you another day when it is ready. I left and about 15 minutes later I get a phone call from him telling me it's ready. Luckily I was just around the corner and went to pick it up. I think there is an issue with him.We also purchased the photography package. The daughter is the photographer. She was nice and accommodating during the wedding however did not have a plan of what pictures needed to be taken. Left early and important moment pictures not taken. Repeat pictures of the same things over and over. One extremely important picture that we requested her to take was taken however disappeared from all the pictures presented. The quality of photography was just not there. The quality of prints seem to be have been printed from a one hour photo print shop, no cropping, no quality corrections. The thank you cards seem to have come from a Walmart and the pictures that we had to insert by ourselves seem to have been printed by a machine that you would get in a photo booth. The bridal & parent albums have the quality of that you would buy in a dollar store. What a joke!!! Thank God for all our guests taking pictures with their cellphones salvaged our memories.This was the most important day of my daughter's life and wanted to capture and cherish these precious moments for years to come and ended up with hearts broken.We are contemplating suing. This has ruined this special day for our entire family.

Babylon Wedding Cakes

Ng Wei

July 2019

Great service! Mike is welcoming to deal with and can't wait for them to capture our special day!

Babylon Wedding Cakes

Alanoud Albahri

January 2019

I just got the printed photos and video today, very professional, the engagement pics were so nice and they printed some for us to use them in the wedding day.. then for the wedding they gave me a CD with all the photos taken to pick the photos i want them to print, they gave me the Choice to pick the video songs, the videographer Francisco is so friendly and the video is so nice, and they gave me 3 copies for the video. The photos album is so nice they also gave us the chance to pick either black or white album..The price is so reasonable for the package we got that included even more than what we asked for.Mr.Michael is so nice and helped alot.. thanks Babylon for the amazing photos and video i can't wait to show all my friends.

Babylon Wedding Cakes

Ziad jarrar

November 2018

We worked with Michael for both our engagement and our wedding photos and I could not be more happy with how they turned out! Michael and his team they are amazing to work with and made us feel so comfortable and at ease. We have gotten so many comments from friends and family about our pictures saying our photographer was incredible, and they are so right!

Babylon Wedding Cakes

Jenny K

October 2018

I heard of Babylon photography through my two sisters who both used them for their weddings. My sisters had great experiences with them, so of course i wanted to use them as well. I think they are amazing! prices are so reasonable and the service you get from them are even better. We got our proofs back from our wedding and it was so hard to narrow it down for the album. So many amazing shots, and our photographer (Russia) was so great with making us feel comfortable and tell us what to do in order to get the best shot. My family will definitely be using them again in the future!!! :)

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