Over the last decade, our world has seen its fair share of changes and the wedding industry is no different! Millennials are now firmly in the driver’s seat when it comes to weddings with Gen Z-ers  closely behind. While both Millennials and Gen Z-ers are rewriting the playbook when it comes to weddings, they are keeping some time-honoured traditions. In the spirit of tradition, we went ahead with one of our annual traditions and asked a handful of Toronto’s finest photographers to share their favorite shots from the past year with us. Needless to say, the photos are pretty epic. Scroll down and have a look at the best of the best from 2019!

Ally & Nicholas Photography

Wedding Photography

“We love this image because not only does it show how powerful their connection is just touching hands, but we love the words down Annie’s spine. Annie and her mum have matching tattoos. It was really important for her to have it showing in her dress. Annie’s dress was perfect and so unique. Tristan + Annie share a love so pure it really does inspire us. He calls her his super hero. They climbed Mount Kilimanjaro right after their wedding day for their honeymoon! Couple goals. ”

Ally, Ally & Nicholas Photography

Sara Monika Photographer

“This is one of my favourite shots from 2019! Sonia and Eric really value the outdoors and nature, so they had guests throw birdseed to not pollute the earth and feed the animals! Plus, they knew they would get a good laugh from it!”

Sara, Sara Monika Photographer

Corina V. Photography

“This photo was front a recent shoot that I did at Chateau de Villette (which was designed in 1746 by the same Architect who designed Versailles) just outside of Paris. I had the pleasure of working with a very talented team to help turn my vision into reality. I wanted to create something that was fashion and editorial and wedding at the same time – romantic and elegant with a regal feeling. I really loved the gorgeous blush pink tulle gown with black lace bodice, it was custom designed by Lisa Van Hattem and the headpiece by Maria Elena Headpieces.”

Corina, Corina V. Photography

Tara McMullen Photography

“I am always on the hunt for giant and beautiful backdrops that allow my couples to display their wedding photos as artwork in their homes without it being immediately apparent that this is a wedding photo. The Royal Ontario Museum is a challenging venue – it’s busy, crowded, and full of dark corners and mixed light. I have passed through this area of the ROM dozens of times, but this time I decided to take the plunge and see if I could make this space work for a fine-art portrait. In spite of the fact that there is no natural light in this space, I was thrilled that I was able to create an image that showcased the amazing architecture of the space, and an intimate moment between the couple. I hope they enlarge this photo and display it proudly in their home!”

Tara, Tara McMullen Photography

Diego and Liza Photography

“We absolutely adore this image because of its backstory and the resulting minimalist quality. It was taken at the top of Whistler Mountain, BC, right after the couple’s mountaintop ceremony. The couple was a little disappointed the day was so grey and cloudy, but we decided to make the most of it and play with the clouds. By filling almost the entire image with clouds and keeping the couple’s pose simple, we gave the image power through its simplicity. There is nothing to distract the eye and the image allows the viewer to breath. We are proud to have created this image on camera, and not in post-production.”

– Liza, Diego and Liza Photography

AGI Studio

“It was a beautiful and mild afternoon at the Guildwood Park in summer. When the couple started practicing the first dance, a beam of warm twilight cut through the layers of greenery. What a lovely, quiet, fairy-tale moment.”

– John, AGI Studio

Rhythm Photography

Hart House is such a gorgeous wedding venue and there are so many unique spots to shoot at! One of my favorite areas to photograph inside is at these tall windows – lots of natural light and the architecture is just stunning. I could easily spend all day photographing these two cuties at Hart House!”

Anita, Rhythm Photography

Fox Photography

“This was from a fall wedding where it rained during the day. I like this one because so many people get worried about rain on wedding days, but this photo shows you can still get beautiful photos no matter the weather. We are originally from the UK so rain doesn’t phase us, so we love having photos to reassure our couples that if it doesn’t rain – great – but even if it does, you will still enjoy your day and have beautiful photos to show it after.”

Michelle, Fox Photography

Lori Waltenbury

“Having been a full time Toronto shooter for the past 10 years, I’ve started taking on a couple weddings in different locations in Canada and internationally. This was shot in September of 2019 in Montreal’s Old Port. I love intertwining Montreal’s unique landscape in my portraits; it’s such a different look and feel compared to my shoots in Toronto!”

Lori, Lori Waltenbury

Jennifer See Studios

Wedding Photography

“Anna and Steve’s late October wedding ceremony ended with only moments to spare before the sun set. After taking some quick family portraits, the 3 of us raced to the street where the sun was about to set over a building. While we only had about 3 minutes with this gorgeous light, and cars wizzed passed and pedestrians said their congratulations, we were able to capture some of my favourite moments from their gorgeous day!”

Jennifer, Jennifer See Studios

Brandon Scott Photography

Wedding Photography

“We captured this moment of Rachel and Brady after they snuck away for a few moments after the ceremony. You could just feel their excitement and energy together. ”

Brandon, Brandon Scott Photography

Alix Gould Photography

Wedding Photography

“Sarah and Dave got married in the backyard of Sarah’s grandmother’s cottage, overlooking beautiful Georgian Bay. This photo was taken after all the craziness of the prep, ceremony, and family photos were over. A wedding day can be overwhelming at times, and it’s so important to take time away from it, even if for a few moments. It was just the two of them, overlooking the water, finding their little slice of calm.”

Alix, Alix Gould Photography

Purple Tree Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

“MJ and Shai’s wedding was absolutely EPIC! Having their first dance under the sky full of ‘stars’, being surrounded by their closest people – this moment felt and looked absolutely surreal. ”

Svetlana, Purple Tree Wedding Photography

Luminous Weddings

Wedding Photography

“Amy and Jeremy had a gorgeous wedding at The Globe and Mail Centre. This image was made during their cocktail hour. While we were in the reception room photographing details we noticed how gorgeous the reflection of the candles was in the windows. Amy and Jeremy were already out enjoying drinks so we asked them to take a minute to look out across the city and just take in the day. This is the resulting image in which you can see the reception room reflected on the left with their gorgeous skyline outside. ”

Ryan, Luminous Weddings

Bows and Lavender

Wedding Photography

“We adore this moment with Dana & Cabbie. It was so natural, you could feel the joyful vibes under the veil. Moments before, these two had just shared a champagne toast and shared such heart felt words with their best friends. This moment was a beautiful picture but also a second for the two to connect and take everything in.”

Jessy, Bows & Lavender

5ive15ifteen Photo Company

Wedding Photography
“Weddings can be high in emotions and nerves, and there’s nothing like a full-blown hurrah to get the crowd moving. Here’s Sean, mid-backflip and halfway to the moon.”

– Eric, 5ive15ifteen Photo Company

Olive Photography

Wedding Photography
“I love this image so much! The passion between Nerissa and Neil was palpable! They were constantly stealing glances at each other and touching. During portraits they locked eyes and shared this beauty of a moment, full of joy! I love how connected and ecstatic they look!”

– Anastasia, Olive Photography

Samantha Ong Photography

Wedding Photography

“We had such an amazing engagement session with this couple in Tobermory last fall. On their wedding day, we challenged ourselves to provide them with something equally as stunning! We knew that they love the water and that they chose this venue because of this waterfall. This is why we wanted to make the waterfall the focal point of this image. We wanted to find a unique perspective, something that has not been done before. We noticed from this angle that the beautiful fall leaves were starting to come in and surrounded the area to create a beautiful scenic shot that could be more like an art-piece than just the standard wedding portrait.”

Samantha, Samantha Ong Photography