Everyone loves a great photo session! So when local photographer Anita from Rhythm Photography sent this one our way, we couldn’t wait to share it with you!

Couple Rose and Renown’s love story begins back in the third grade with a simple, yet chivalrous gesture: Renown offers Rose his Pillsbury toaster strudel “and that exchange was what started everything”! Although they attended the same schools together, it wasn’t until the start of high school senior year that they officially started dating – even graduating as Prom King and Queen (awww)!

The couple wanted a candid yet stylized look for the engagement session, so Anita went straight to work in search of some unique Toronto photo locales. You’ll find a solid juxtaposition of warm and cool here starting with the brisk, winter outdoors followed by the warmth of a quaint and charming coffee shop.  This couple took their love to Toronto’s city streets for these gorgeous photos.

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Ever the romantic, Renown wanted to do something big to propose to the woman of his dreams. With her family’s help, he created a surprise at her family home.  Rose shares with us Renown elaborate proposal scheme:

“There was a white ribbon tied along my staircase banister with a note that reading “Follow Me”. Renown led me out to the back of my house where he had set up an impressive display: on one wall, 99 letters, all hanging from ribbon and twine. On the other wall, 1 letter. First, he brought me in front of the 99 letters.  I can remember feeling his heart racing and the nervousness in his voice when he explained to me that the 99 letters represented the last 9 years we’ve been together: the good, the bad and the ugly. It was a collection of all our memories, phrases and jokes summing up all the years we’ve spent together.

It was during his speech that I realized what was happening and to be honest, I can’t remember what he said. I was way too busy ugly-crying to even remember anything! He then brought me back to the wall with 1 letter and said that it represented our future and everything that it would bring for us. He brought me next to the center of the room, sat me down, got down on one knee and asked if I’d marry him and.. in the midst of all the crying, I forgot to even give him a formal answer!”

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