Months of planning have led to this day: all the work, stress and tears are behind you and your beautiful wedding day is finally here! With nerves and emotions (the good kind!) at an all time high, most photographers will recommend, and most couples will opt for, a “first look” photo shoot – it provides the perfect opportunity for the couple to sneak a few precious moments alone together before the frenzy of the wedding day truly takes over. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”and we think you’ll agree as you browse through this gallery of most beloved first look moments by a handful of the city’s most talented photographers!

Ally & Nicholas

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“Danika and André’s first look was one of the most special moments not only because they both have the biggest most infectious smiles that light up a room but their love story is one out of a movie. Danika had a crush on André since they met in kindergarten. That crush continued throughout grade school but they went separate ways come middle school. They reconnected years later through MSN (oh the days of MSN!) and have been together ever since. André said it best in his vows, he knew this day would always come and knew she was the one. His reaction when he saw her was priceless. That happiness is contagious. Look how big that smile is!”

Ally, Ally & Nicholas Photography

Simply Lace Photography

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“First looks are definitely one of my absolute favourite moments of a wedding day. Watching the groom’s reaction to seeing his bride for the first time is truly an exciting moment to witness. My couples who opt for a first look always say that it was the highlight of the day for them.”

Bruna, Simply Lace Photography

Brandon Scott Photography

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“Yasmine and Hakan moved to Canada from the other side of the world to start a new life together. Because of that large distance they knew they wouldn’t have their friends and family here so they decided to elope in the Muskokas, a place that had special significance for them. Just outside of their little log cabin Yasmine and Hakan shared this moment together, a long time coming and full of emotions.”

Brandon, Brandon Scott Photography

Rhythm Photography

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“Even from our first meeting together, I could already tell that these two are just head over heels for each other! So when it was time for their first look, I knew already this was going to be the cutest moment ever! His expression was priceless when he turned around to see his drop dead gorgeous wife-to-be!”

Anita, Rhythm Photography

Olive Photography

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“This moment was just so touching. You could tell there was so much love there – Josh’s heart was just bursting with joy when he saw Caitlin and he couldn’t contain the happy tears. The fact that she then went to dry his eyes made it all the more heartwarming. These two clearly have a deep and beautiful bond.”

Anastasia, Olive Photography

Mango Studios

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“First looks don’t have to be overly grand or dramatic. I love them for very much the opposite: the First Look is your private, quiet slice of time before the main wedding events get underway. This moment was very special because of the groom’s overwhelming reaction. He’s such a tough guy, but when it comes to his bride his heart totally melts. As for the photographers, sometimes we even loose it during moments like these!”

Lauren, Mango Studios

Tara McMullen Photography

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“To me this moment was so special because Eve and Jeff had been together for 11 years before their wedding day. I wondered if being together so long would mean that their feelings would run deep and that their excitement for their day would be tempered by their long history together. Instead, the day overflowed with emotion! Eve was such a happy, glowing, excited bride who was so in the moment and Jeff was so proud to at last be marrying the girl who he says, ‘lights up every room just by walking through the door.’ I love this moment from their reveal not only because it contains the coveted ‘double cry’ from bride and groom, but because it was an instant in which all their history, gratitude and love for each other overwhelmed them both and created a stunning image.”

Barb, Tara McMullen Photography

Jessilynn Wong Photography

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“This first look was with Alex and Jenny at the Royal Conservatory of Music. During my initial meeting with Alex and Jenny I asked them what they were most looking forward to and they told me seeing each other on their wedding day. Months leading up to the big day, they planned every little detail of their wedding together. Despite the craziness of wedding planning they never lost sight of each other and would often tell me how much they appreciated their significant other’s efforts. Weeks before their wedding I asked them again, what they were looking most forward to and again they said seeing each other. Seeing this moment come together for them, a year in the making, was really special.”

Jessilynn, Jessilynn Wong Photography

Alix Gould Photography

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“This image captures true emotion. The groom David had been quiet and composed all morning long, but when he saw Laura for the first time as a bride, all that melted away. There are so many beautiful, authentic moments like this throughout a wedding day, but the first look may be the most powerful. ”

Alix, Alix Gould Photography

Lindsie Grey

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“This couple’s first look is my favourite because it was my first new year’s wedding I’d ever shot and I loved it. These two were at another wedding I had shot and we just clicked so I was excited to capture this private moment. Because their day didn’t start with getting ready pictures, it started with the first look and it set the tone for the whole day.”

Lindsie, Lindsie Grey

Avenue Photo

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“What can I say, I loved capturing Steph & Jordan’s day. They were so excited to marry each other and see each other. I know Steph was getting a bit nervous on her walk over to the first look spot. When she approached Jordan, both of them were all smiles! When Jordan turned around, he was speechless. Steph’s dress was stunning, made for her. It was a total statement piece. There are so many reactions to seeing your partner for the first time on your wedding day. Tears, laughter and every emotion in between. That is what makes first looks such a great way to see your love… you get to share in that together. And I, being the sap that I am, have been known to shed a tear while capturing them.”

Margaret, Avenue Photo