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CN Tower

Grandpa's Garage

November 2019

Grandpa's Garage Studio 7 suggests to get over here and get healthy. We love these buildings the same as our twin towers, except this building is even more awesome, so tall. Way to go Canada, be sure to visit the revolving restaurant near the top. Keep up the good work maintaining this incredible building. Wow, a must visit if in the province. Check out one of the engineering facts, the building is made to sway up to 14 feet so it doesn't brake off in the wind.

CN Tower

Xinyi Lin

November 2019

Once the tallest freestanding structure in the world, it's still a marvelous sight to behold... especially on a clear day, or night, because you can see all the way across Lake Ontario.If you're here on business, you can reserve a table at the famous 360, a restaurant that slowly revolves nonstop, giving you the best panoramic view in the city.If you're here for pleasure, you can still done at the 360, but you can also check out the space deck, which is much higher than the restaurant. There's also the option to walk outside the Tower, on the edge... tethered, of course, but nonetheless, looking straight down is a heart-stopping thrill.It's a unique experience that you'll never forget.

CN Tower


November 2019

Had an amazing experience here. The view from the top especially during the night is just amazing. I haven't gone here during the day time, so not sure of the day time views. The glass floor is another highlight here. 360 restaurant is great. All the staffs are friendly and the quality of the food is also great. It's a great tourist spot in Toronto.

CN Tower

Mike Smith

November 2019

Amazing experience! Clean and beautiful facilities and the staff was very nice and kind. Fantastic view! What more can I say. This is an excellent spot to enjoy with your family and friends. In addition, they have modern washrooms at the top of the the tower and a place to have a snack. Bonus: The aquarium is right next to it so you can have a blast with your family visiting both places.

CN Tower

Namira Kumari

October 2019

the restaurant for lunch! Spend $60 each for lunch and get the $30+ tickets to the observation deck for free. Helluva a deal for incredible food!! I got the risotto or chocolate chili torte. Dessert was the highlight for sure!! Lots of guidance around where you need to go and which direction to skip the line. Why spend time in line when you can enjoy lunch and your day for a little more?!

CN Tower

Alexander Music

View Profile

The CN Tower is an incredible venue in Toronto - the best of the best! I did a show in the Horizon's restaurant in August of 2014 and was so impressed with the staff, the facilities, and of course the VIEW!!!

CN Tower

Alist Beauty

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The best views anywhere. wonderful food, professional team to assist with all the little details. Nothing else quite like it.

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