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D.M.S. Video Productions

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Experience the Emotion -- We don't just film your event, we capture each milestone so that it can live on forever! 34 Years of experience speaks for itself. If you've ever visited our studio, you'll know that we're different. Whether we're answering the door in our socks, screaming at each other while playing cards at lunch, or hanging out in downward dog for afternoon yoga, it's more of a household than a workplace. We spend our days together, work weekends together, and meet up after-hours for drinks or a meal. As cheesy at it sounds, we're a family, and that family dynamic pushes us with our work. We get competitive trying to out-do each other, whether it be with our filming styles or a creative edit. We take pride in our work as it is a reflection of ourselves, and we're always trying to be better. By investing in the newest technologies, staying current on trends and styles, and continually learning new techniques and programs, it is our goal to remain the industry leader in event video production.

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D.M.S. Video Productions

Ashley Soussan Rdh

October 2020

We cannot thank you guys enough for being with us on our wedding day! So timely, professional, seamless and such an attention to detail, which was so reassuring for us on such a hectic day! Thank you again so much and we cannot wait to see our video!

D.M.S. Video Productions

Zoey Friedman

September 2020

After having watched a covid wedding over Live Stream that I was super impressed with, I reached out to DMS over Instagram. First promising sign, was that Darren responded to my message that same night (and he was busy filming another wedding!). We initially booked DMS's Bronze package, and after speaking with Darren further he convinced me to upgrade our package to include wireless cameras. My fiance was very skeptical and thought it seemed like a lot of money to spend on "zoom". Let me tell you that after the wedding we were both THRILLED to have had upgraded. I can't count the number of guests we had watching from afar (Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax, Boston, Germany) who said that the quality of video was amazing, they felt it was even better than being there in person!!! Darren and his team were so kind and professional and were wonderful energy to have at our wedding. It is clear they are passionate about what they do. We are sooo happy we went with DMS and would absolutely recommend their services. Thank you!!

D.M.S. Video Productions

Assaf S

August 2020

To say that Darren and his team did an exceptional job live-streaming our wedding would be a tremendous understatement. A true home-run was conducted on the day of our wedding. Having heard of DMS and reaching out to their team, was pleasant from the first moment we started conversation with Darren and his team. My wife and I were contemplating between the silver, gold and platinum packages, and truly glad we made the decision to go with their platinum package. Our guests were simply blown away by the exceptional cinematography conducted by Darren and his 3 team members. They filled every promise and both of us and all of our guests were simply dumbfounded. Our live-streamed guests had a better view with likely a better experience than our 20 close family and friends present the day of our wedding. We would recommend DMS Video Productions in a heartbeat to everyone we know and have already done so to all of our family and friends, especially those who tuned in to watch our most memorable day. Thanks again Darren, truly appreciate the over delivery and we will remember that day and your efforts, always!.

D.M.S. Video Productions

Sandra Herlick

July 2020

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It was wonderful having the live stream video which dmsvideo provided for our daughter’s wedding. It gave us great comfort and joy knowing that our friends and family who couldn’t be there with us were able to share the experience in real time. People watching loved the experience! The video was clear and close up so everyone felt they had an intimate view of the ceremony. I am so grateful dmsvideo was able to provide this service to us!

D.M.S. Video Productions

Melissa Custoreri

July 2020

Our experience with DMS was truly perfect. Leading up to our big day, DMS was a pleasure to work with - the team was responsive and eager to provide us with high-quality services that best fit our needs and situation. Their previous work blew us away and it was very evident that they have been in the business for +++ years. On the day of our wedding, the team was beyond warm, positive, friendly, and flexible, and made us feel incredibly comfortable. They went above and beyond to ensure that the day flowed smoothly and that every special moment was captured. The live stream quality was OUTSTANDING and the feedback we received from viewers was phenomenal. We have watched our video every day, morning and night, and will treasure it forever. There are no words to express how thankful we are for all that DMS did for us. I would recommend DMS to ALL couples who are looking for videography services for their wedding!

D.M.S. Video Productions

Eric Benchimol Photography

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I've worked alongside DMS countless times over the years and they are by far one of the top in their field. The quality and creativity of the films they produce is simply amazing. They are always investing in the latest gear to make their video's cutting edge. Always hard working and very professional, you will not be disappointed using them!

D.M.S. Video Productions


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DMS Rocks! Always a pleasure working with Darren and his crew.

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DMS live! professional video live-streaming

Price $1,795

What services are included with this Package:
  • DMS live! is the premiere live-streaming video service for the wedding industry. We use professional live-stream tools with our cinematic cameras and equipment to ensure a professional video stream for as many guests as you can invite!
  • Unlike video conference tools like zoom, skype or ichat, DMS live uses advanced technology to ensure a one-way, secure and safe professional live-stream of your ceremony.
  • Couples get their own Web page, with password to ensure only invited guests can attend. No "zoom bombing", sound issues or reduced image quality. This is a professional one-way high quality service delivering live-streams in full HD quality.
  • 50 viewers? 500 viewers? 5000 viewers? no problem! Our streams are not affected by the amount of virtual viewers. Your technical director monitors your entire stream to ensure a smooth experience.
  • Dedicated sputnik engine on amazon server ensures your stream will go live when you do. We use a quadruplex bonding system sending 4 x signals to ensure reliability.
  • Our studio was founded in 1986 and has been trusted by thousands. Just check out our reviews.
  • Book early! space is very limited.

Here’s the Fine Print:
  • Packages start at $1795 and go up. Please contact us at [email protected] for full details and options.
  • This package is exclusive to visitors. To redeem, you must mention you found this package on


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