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Highrise Pictures Co.

Amanda T

June 2018

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Brad was a referral by my Wedding Planner. Price was great and the Same Day Edit he did was really well done. Trying to get the full video was nothing but an upward battle. Brad did not respond to emails timely, generally would take 2 months to reply. I finally got a video, 7 months later. It was so poorly poorly done, I was in tears. The video was missing my Father, Father-in-law, and maid of honor speeches. I emailed Brad the much needed edits...2 months later he replied that he lost my wedding footage, BUT had found it and would get me the edits in a week.....I still have not heard from him. Like the other poster, I am now getting a lawyer involved.

Highrise Pictures Co.

Michelle S

October 2017

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We heard about Brad and his team from friends of ours. Their consensus was all the same - his videos were high quality, he was unobtrusive on the day of the wedding, and it would take a little more time to get the full video - like six months. The price was right so we went ahead.

Day of Brad was amazing! The recap video came only a few weeks after our wedding, and we were very happy. Then came the part for our full wedding video. We weren't happy with the results and asked Brad to change it. We emailed him and called him - but he disappeared. After many months we finally got the changed video, with sound missing from major parts. Almost a year later from our wedding and we still didn't have a full wedding video. Only after getting a lawyer involved did we get our final video.

Our wedding planner says that she's heard this story from others who have dealt with Brad recently.

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