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An enthusiastic husband and wife team. One with a flair for styling, all things pretty and organization! The other with a mastership for creating out of the box ideas started by a background in lighting & sound technology. We collaborated our passion and expertise because two minds (and four hands) are better than one. We get the job done with love, laughter, kindness, and endless hard work. We’re inspired by the couples we meet to create an event that reflects their unique relationship and vision. We diminish the stress, infuse joy along the way and are giddy with you all the way down the aisle! Our work has been featured on Martha Stewart Weddings, Green Wedding Shoes, Style Me Pretty, Grey Likes Weddings, Wedding Chicks, Ruffled, 100 Layer Cake, Weddingbells Magazine, and many more! 

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Lustre Events

Jay Sauer

December 2019

Melissa and Morgan made our wedding more perfect than we could have ever imagined. A and I were graduating from universities in different countries and then planning to backpack for half a year before getting married and settling down. To plan a wedding during such an uncertain and busy time would be impossible without serious sacrifice. So we contacted some planners. We saw pictures of weddings that M&M planned and were blown away. Nowadays pictures are edited so much that its hard to know what it was really like, so we were not sure what to expect. In any case, we decided to reach out. They were on top of every detail from the beginning, leading us through the entire process and making sure we were met all deadlines. One of the bigger decisions we had to make was whether to book a venue that came with everything already (flowers, caterer, etc) or to go with more of a packaged venue. M&M emphasised that we didnt need to pick a prepared wedding venue - they would create a wedding anywhere we choose. And they were right. We choose a beautiful but mostly unprepared farm venue. They planned everything. The flowers, the caterers, the furniture, literally everything. Nothing is overlooked. They kept us on schedule, they coordinated all of the vendors, and they gave us many different options. They proposed multiple themes until we came to something we liked. And then we changed our minds and they replanned everything. At first we thought we would get married in Canada. But then we changed our minds and went with the US. M&M made multiple trips to the venue to prepare it. The contacts they had were all Canada based, so they had to find new vendors for everything and coordinate it all remotely. This was no small task.M&M were meticulous, thorough, and full of energy. They fueled our excitement during a notoriously stressful process. And as the day approached we felt excited and relatively stress free knowing that they were in control of the event. The day came and all I can say is that we were blown away. It was perfect. They took care of every detail and kept the schedule moving. The wedding was beautiful. Everyone kept commenting on how incredible it was. All of the vendors were taking pictures of their work for their instagram, which is a clear sign of their pride in the work. We could not have pictured a more perfect day. And it was because of M&M. We were completely amazed with what M&M put together. And during the process we became great friends and that made the day so much more special. Weddings are expensive events, and the best investment we made during it was M&M. There is no way we couldve had the perfect wedding without them. We will remember that day forever. Thank you, Melissa and Morgan, for creating such an amazing day.

Lustre Events

Stephanie Chin

December 2019

We planned a wedding in Toronto from halfway across the world, so I knew it was especially important to have planners we trusted. Still, I was surprised at how immediately genuine Melissa and Morgan came across: I met them over Skype and didn't need to interview anyone else.We chose the partial package, but if you want a truly stress-free and hands-off experience (and if your budget allows for it), I'd recommend the full package. Melissa and Morgan have excellent taste and are very intuitive about understanding what you want, even when you aren't sure yourself.I was very budget-conscious in the planning, and we decided early on that decor was one of our lowest priorities. Still, Melissa and Morgan had the experience, creativity, and aesthetic knowhow to construct a beautiful, cohesive theme even given those limits. One staff person who worked at the venue, which hosts a lot of weddings, said that ours was the nicest they had ever seen the place look.In terms of vendors, we ended up choosing Melissa and Morgan's recommendations in almost every single case. They were upfront about each, and obliged when we asked for price quotes from alternatives. One bonus of using planners with good vendor relationships is that when anything unexpected occurs, they're more likely to be flexible: for e.g., I ordered a flower crown that didn't fit, but because Melissa and Morgan were on such friendly terms with our florist, she was very kind about re-making it on the day.Wedding planning will inevitably come with last-minute roadblocks, so having planners who are calm and capable in the face of stress is important. The week before our wedding, the boat captain we'd hired to transport guests to the island venue abruptly stopped answering all calls and emails. This is how far Melissa and Morgan went to help us: they physically WENT TO THE BOAT DOCK TO LOOK FOR THE CAPTAIN and ask for his whereabouts. No matter how thoroughly you interview your planners or think you can anticipate your needs, there will be an unexpected problem to solve. 'Locating a missing boat captain' was one of those. Being able to hand that off to people we trusted, especially with days to go before the wedding, was an enormous weight off our backs. One last (and often overlooked!) reason to hire capable planners is to free yourself to have fun on your actual wedding day. There is no possible way I could've enjoyed myself the way I did without Melissa and Morgan's help. They dealt with last minute logistical, technical, and even interpersonal snafus so that we didn't have to, and handled everything with not just professionalism, but graciousness and kindness too.Their style is very warm, non-confrontational, and prioritises thoroughness over speed. This was a great fit for me. If you're someone who needs a pushy or business-like planner, someone to whip you into shape and tell you explicitly what to do, then their style may not suit you. But if you're looking for something more personal, then you couldn't do better than these two. They come with my highest recommendation.

Lustre Events

Jannike Juana

December 2019

I could have not asked for a better duo to make our special day come true. They were there for every step of the way from start until the end. We signed up for the full package, which included the design of the wedding day. As someone who only a vague idea of what they wanted for their wedding, this was an amazing service. M+M was there to listen to what we liked and do not like when designing our wedding.The planning process was just amazing. Although responses may be a bit slow it is because they will try to get everything sorted out with the vendors before they get back to you. So do not fret. They handled all communication with vendors, which lifted the stress from our busy schedule. Never once did I felt the pressure to pick some design ideas that they proposed. I absolutely love our final meeting where we go over the rundown of the day of the wedding. They took into our request to change some items or events.Ive been to several weddings where the morning of the wedding is usually chaos and stressful. However, on the morning of my wedding, I was so relaxed because I knew M+M had handled everything so well. I was able to enjoy the process of getting ready with my girls while munching on scones and sandwiches.Our wedding was truly a dream come true from the dcor to layout. I had family and friends come up to me after the wedding praising the work of art that M+M has done. Not to mention, they raved on how sweet M+M were.To anyone planning their wedding, this duo is the fairy godparents to wedding planning and you will not regret having them by your side.

Lustre Events

Jemma Valmadrid

March 2019

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Lustre Events was a dream to work with! From the very first moment we met Melissa and Morgan, my husband and I knew they were the planners we were hiring. They immediately made us feel comfortable. They really took the time to not only understand our vision but also took the time to get to know us. They really blew us away with the planning and execution! They weren’t lying when they told us that all we had to do was just show up and enjoy ourselves because they took care of everything!
A few weeks before my wedding. I was just over the whole thing - I just wanted to get it over with. Melissa and Morgan provided, not only myself but my husband as well, with the comfort knowing that everything was in their hands and being taken care of and we had nothing to worry about. They were right! The day of was simply AMAZING! From seeing the mood board they created, I knew that this sweet duo really listened to all of our ideas, understood our vision and we trusted they were going to bring it to life. They 1000% delivered on it PLUS MORE! The moment I drove up to the farm and walked into the barn, I knew that I had nothing to worry about! Every detail was STUNNING!
Melissa and Morgan - Red and I cannot thank you both enough for everything! You’re an amazing couple that truly cared about us and went above and beyond for us. Our wedding would have never been what it was without you both! Thank you thank you thank you! xx

Lustre Events


February 2019

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We just got married in February of 2019. We got engaged less than 6 months prior, and having had time to reflect on our experience post-wedding, we couldn't have done it, and had such a beautiful day without Melissa + Morgan of Lustre Events. We got the full planning option with them, and it was worth every penny and then some!
Our design and vision were perfectly executed by M + M. It was like they downloaded everything I wanted/envisioned from my brain to theirs. They knew what decisions to make, and what I wanted, without needing very much input from my end, which worked perfectly for me :)
They were so warm and professional to work with. Personally, I don't know how they put up with having to work with me, because I could be a little particular at times to say the least.
The month of, week of and day of were all especially flawlessly executed by them. It was perfect, because when it came down to "crunch" time, everyone was asking me if I needed help with anything etc., I had nothing to do, and that was perfect. It gave me time to host our guests in from out of town, and let me enjoy the lead up to the wedding.
Thank you SO much, from Fili and I. We can't thank you enough for our beautiful wedding, and all of your amazing work! xoxo M

Lustre Events

Sarah Bunnett-Gibson Wedding Officiant

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A talented team that bring fresh ideas, professionalism and even a sense of humour to each wedding they are part of. They have their own distinct style, which is original, to make sure that your wedding stands out from all the others. Attention to detail, flexibility, and superior "TLC" are what you can expect working with Melissa and Morgan

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