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I am offering Covid Related packages For further inquiry or booking please do not hesitate to text me at 437 776 7136 or simply leave a voice message. 
Marriage nuptials are not always  legally cut and dry; they can start off with the following:
-Commitment Ceremony package; can be also made available ~starting from $339.
Inclusive: A bound Ceremony keepsake and A signed proof keepsake certificate from your witnesses.
As well as your declaring the intent to enter into a union together. 
These engagement unity traditions such as "Handfasting" and/or the "ring exchange" can also be made very useful to incorporate within your marriage nuptuals accordingly. 
$250~Making it Legal and official: For the bare minimum is The Simple "I DO" package 

With two witnesses; to legally declare and solemnize. The marriage licence is signed and all other pertinent documentation required for legal registration. Within 48 hours your Licence is mailed for registering.  Leaving behind the tear away certificate for your records.
$299~ Is The Quicky  AND best suited as an Elopement Ceremony 
           Providing with the Solemnization Marriage Act Specifics for Ontario
           Ring exchange is optional but not necessary. 
           A brief sharing of vows(the standard to repeat after me) or you can provide your own. 
           For an extra $100 I can help you to come up with your own custom made vows. 
          This package can be up to 10 people with the witnesses and couple included.
$360~ For anything over the maximum 10 people capacity.
$100 ~ For a rehearsal and anything over a 30km radius can be subject to a $2/km consideration.
$529 ~ Starting, from and for the more elaborate services a The Traditional(Standard)Ceremony package(30min. on average) 
         Welcoming Ceremony package
          Initial Interview(Anatomy of Ceremony)~To help clarify the order of the Nuptual Proceedings and who is responsible for what?
         As the Ceremony Script will require adjusting; the more participants and unity elements required($50 extra) for further explaination.
         Wedding Ceremony Official package(that also help to take you through custom making your own Vows)
         Wedding Ceremony Script and a short rehearsal at the venue.
Interested in Renewing your vows ?
$359~ Renewal of Vows Ceremony package
            Starting from $359~This could be a small gathering at someone's home and/or at a large party in a reception hall; as well as outdoours and more intimate. With it you get a "Renewal of Vows Certificate keepsake, a bound copy of your ceremony keepsake, unlimited consultation; a short rehearsal and up to 30 minute ceremony.

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Peerless Moments


August 2020

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She was very helpful_I highly recommend!

Peerless Moments

Michael B

August 2020

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Thank You !

Peerless Moments

Ana Meyer Borges

August 2020

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Lovely person, really patient and helpful! For sure she made our day even more special! Thank you for everything. Ana

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The simple "I Do"

Price $250

What services are included with this Package:
  • The legal declaration to solemnize with your 2 witnesses and in the privacy of your own home
  • All pertinent documentation signed and completed by a religious official; that will register your marriage licence and leave you with your record of solemnization

Here’s the Fine Print:
  • Anything over a 30km radius will be subject to an additional $2/km consideration for the driving distances there and back
  • This package is exclusive to visitors. To redeem, you must mention you found this package on

The quicky

Price $299

What services are included with this Package:
  • Brief: sharing of vows and/or including a ring exchange.
  • A civil ceremony: consisting of the legal requirements and solemnization marriage Act specifics

Here’s the Fine Print:
  • A 25% non-refundable fee is applicable and anything over a 30km radius is subject to an additional $2/km consideration for travel costs
  • This package is exclusive to visitors. To redeem, you must mention you found this package on


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