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Masterfully Planned. Thoughtfully Served. We believe that people should be THOUGHTFULLY SERVED, and that every experience should be ELEVATED to meet the MAGICAL EXPERIENCE that is your wedding. The Wedding Coach provides Strategic Planning for couples with distinct products and services: "Plan Your Wedding on Paper", Wedding Day Management, Templates and Seminars for the bride who enjoys the planning process.

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The Wedding Coach

Dennis Dexter

March 2020

Hi I worked in one of the cafes here. Most employees are part time in this Cafe and come from other countries. The food we make is acceptable as it's mostly not something we are used to making back in our country. Talking about the terminal, the staff are mostly good but the management is bad. They don't want to upgrade the building or the amenities even if they could. They don't even close the terminal for covid emergency and the management even forced all the cafes to work. The janitors here are really good and work very hard to keep the terminal clean. The security guards are good too, they take your safety very seriously. While I do not recommend the terminal much, please do try out the cafes. We are here working for you, just so you can have some service even through these tough times. :D

The Wedding Coach

Swarup Sharma Druba

February 2020

I have been their only couple of times but didn't experience anything good even once.The ladies in the ticket counters and in the help desk were super rude and unprofessional. They were eating and gossiping in the counter while about 20 people was in the line and waiting for them to response. And when they finished eating they started shouting and behaving rude with every customer with any kind of question. Would definitely recommend you to buy ticket online and check in the board for timings rather expecting help from them.Even other stuffs who were working on the floor were not well behaved at all. They acts like they don't care for anything. You have to figure out everything by yourself. Even if they mess up with terminal numbers for a specific bus they will not help you out to find it.Needs a lot of improvement.

The Wedding Coach

Xander Boon

February 2020

Staff here are so friendly and helpful. Even had a security guard walk me to where I needed to be as was a little lost. Thanks guys

The Wedding Coach

Kartik Bharadwaj

April 2019

A medium sized but well maintained bus terminal. This is where you board a Greyhound or a Megabus. It is also easily accessible. It also houses a convenience store and an eatery within its complex.

The Wedding Coach

Matt Clarke

December 2018

Decent terminal with a few food vendors and bathrooms. It wasn't too busy when I was there and was a good experience. I bought my tickets online so I didn't need to do anything at the terminal.

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