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Valencienne Bridal Design

Alexandra Gazzaruso

February 2020

From the first day I walked into Valencienne, I was blown away by the beauty and quality of the wedding gowns. Although I wasnt exactly sure what I wanted, Kim had a vision for me and helped guide me in my decision making. from the breathtaking dress, to the stunning hair piece, I cannot thank Kim and the team at Valencienne enough for their dedication and passion. I absolutely loved my dress and overall experience and I highly recommend Valencienne Bridal!

Valencienne Bridal Design

Joshua Bonilla

January 2020

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The team at Valencienne are experts with over 30 years of experience with dresses, clothing and fabrics. I was happy to hear they are doing alterations since they always pay close attention to detail.

Valencienne Bridal Design

Sandra Renwick

December 2019

I had a very specific vision for my wedding dress. I also have some experience with sewing, making and wearing ballet costumes, so I knew exactly what and how I wanted it to be - a nightmare client combination!For Kim and her team this was easy. The clear and consistent communication built trust between the two of us - Kim took every note and thought I had very seriously and I was able to trust her judgement and artistry. The end result was a dress I LOVED and made me feel like a queen.My dress was very different to traditional gowns. I wanted a very couture look - a short, structured ballgown with an oversized bow on the back. There wasn't any existing imagery for us to reference so I made a mood board to clearly identify how I wanted each section to look. The result was a unique creation I will treasure forever.Thank you to Kim and her wonderful team!Sandra xxx

Valencienne Bridal Design

Ula Chiu

December 2019

I must have tried on at least 50 dresses at 8 different shops before coming to Valencienne, and couldn't find the dress of my dreams. There was always something I wanted to tweak with each dress I tried on. There was a dress that was almost perfect, but there were some details about it I did not like. I brought my dilemma to Kim and showed her pictures of my almost perfect dress. She listened to my concerns and was able to help me tweaked the dress to perfection. We changed the cut slightly, the lace pattern, and material. I was so comfortable on my wedding day, able to move and dance with ease. It was exactly as I envisioned it. Overall, my experience at Valencienne has been excellent! Getting a custom dress tailored to my body was way more affordable than I expected. It was also super fun to see exactly how a custom wedding dress is made. Definitely recommend if you are super picky bride like me!

Valencienne Bridal Design

Ashley Weiss

November 2019

Valencienne Bridal is an absolute must! Kim is a true visionary, a master at her craft. Each beautiful creation is truly unique and detail orientated. Her team brings a high degree of knowledge, skill and expertise that is unmatched. Fittings are always pleasurable, as Kims wit and humour will instantly put you at ease. Valencienne Bridal is deeply committed to producing high quality garments that any bride is sure to stun in.

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